My name is Diane Jorgenson, and I am the Executive Officer of the Columbus Home Builders Association (CHBA). Our association brings together the major players in the Columbus area housing industry. Our membership includes builders, contractors, remodelers, developers, sales and marketing experts, and other industry associates. Throughout the year, CHBA promotes the importance of the industry, working to make sure that housing is top-of mind with elected representatives and policy makers, the media, and the community.

·       KNOWLEDGE OPPORTUNITIES From seminars to full-fledged courses, our members take advantage of the wide range of education opportunities going on throughout the year offered by our local association, the state association (NSHBA) and through National (NAHB).  This 3-In-1 membership provides a hassle-free way to get training for staff, new ways to improve their business, or even professional designations to help our members maintain the competitive edge.

·       NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES CHBA believes that it’s critically important to “Do Business with A Member.” Our members build relationships with fellow members at membership meetings held quarterly, special events, education sessions and even on the golf course. They spend time with people who share their interest in the industry by serving on committees and volunteering to help during our events.

·       ADVOCACY CHBA helps our members break through local roadblocks that can keep businesses in our industry from getting the job done, providing information and recommendations on zoning, construction or building permits, local city and county governments and local codes.

·       EXPERTISE OPPORTUNITIES Getting the information our members need when they need it can make a big difference in the success of their business. Throughout the year, CHBA, State and National are their best source for the news that affects them.

·       SAVINGS OPPORTUNITIES Discounts give members an easy way to reduce expenses, maximize profits and increase efficiency. They take advantage of cost savings opportunities that include discounts offered through National with companies such as GMC, Dodge, Dell, UPS, Amazon Business and many, many more.

·       SPONSORSHIP AND ADVERTISING CHBA provides members with excellent opportunities to see and be seen, often by a public interested in building a new home or a remodeling project. Sponsorship is a great way to show support and commitment to the community and our industry.

Consider joining today. Your membership in the Columbus Home Builders Association would provide you with the tools to make your business more successful and enhance your professional career. 


Diane Jorgenson, EO

Note: In addition to your local dues, this amount also includes membership in the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the Nebraska State Home Builders Association (NSHBA). Membership shall be open to any person, firm or corporation that is in the trade industry; who resides within the territorial jurisdiction of the association.