CHBA Meet With Senator Moser of District 22

Members of the Columbus Home Builders meet with 40 members of the Nebraska Legislature on Tuesday, March 26th, 2019 to thank them for their service, while reminding them of the importance of affordable housing and the impact positively and negatively they can have on the affordability of housing in Nebraska's Communities. Pictured (L to R): Rick Cheloha, Levi Abbott (President of Columbus Home Builders Association, Chuck Fowke, Steve Long (Past President of Columbus Home Builders Association and current NSHBA Secretary), Tim Kenny, Hollie Olk (Treasurer of Columbus Home Builders Association).

Nebraska LB289

The tax reform package proposed by the Revenue Committee will impact your business!

The Revenue Committee of the State Legislature sent their tax reform package to the entire Legislature, who will start debate on the bill beginning Tuesday (5/7) afternoon. This bill proposes an increase in the State’s sales tax to 6% beginning July 1, 2019. It increases the doc stamp from $2.25 to $3.25 for each one thousand dollars in a real estate transaction. If the bill passes as written there are many services (labor) related to Single Family Homes that will no longer be exempt from sales tax. Language from the bill is:

7 (o) The gross income received for maintenance, painting, and repair

8 services performed with regard to single-family homes, including, but not

9 limited to (i) painting and wall covering services, (ii) poured concrete

10 foundation and structure services, (iii) framing services, (iv) glass and

11 glazing services, (v) roofing services, (vi) siding services, (vii)

12 electrical services, (viii) plumbing, heating, and air conditioning

13 services, (ix) drywall insulation services, (x) flooring services, and

14 (xi) carpentry services. This subdivision (o) shall not apply to fixed

15 price contracts executed prior to the operative date of this section;

16 (p) The gross income received for interior decoration services for single-family homes;

19 20 (r) The gross income received for commercial lawn care, gardening, and landscaping services;

This bill will affect every company in our industry. You need to contact your State Senator TODAY and tell them to vote no on LB289. Thoughts to share with Senators:

  • If this bill is approved as written all homes affected by the floods this spring will now have added expenses from sales tax.
  • Affordable housing is a necessity and finding affordable housing is already becoming a crisis in the state. This only compounds to the problem.
  • Sales tax is regressive and adding sales tax onto home repair greatly hurts low-income families.
  • Nebraska has historically not taxed needed services such as auto repairs, home repairs, etc. Make your letter specific for your business, i.e. foundation repair, water heater replacement, roofing etc.
  • When we had sales tax in 2003-2006 related to home remodeling the Department of Revenue did not know how to write the regulations or apply them consistently to every contractor. The definition of repair and maintenance is up to the Department of Revenue.
  • This places an extra burden upon a small business to apply the tax properly and report the sales tax.

Email Senator Moser and ask him to oppose LB289!

You can find your State Senator by using this link: Type in your zip code or address and you can go to your individual Senator’s page which includes both their email address and phone number. Or go to to see all the State Senators.

Don’t delay! Contact your Senator today!

If you would like to read the full bill it can be found at:

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Make Your Home Safe For All Ages

Your 80-year-old aunt is coming to stay for a few days. You're looking forward to the visit, but realize your home may not be entirely "older-generation" friendly. To help enhance the safety and comfort of your visitor, especially one who may have some of the physical challenges that come with aging, here are a few quick and inexpensive things you can do to make the time less stressful for you and more comfortable for your guest:

Consider pathways in the house. Clear obstacles, and maybe even move furniture that a person usually has to maneuver around. Move any electrical cords that are where a person might walk – perhaps taping them to a wall or using a hook. Clear stairs of any objects—shoes, books, and other personal items that tend to collect on the lower treads. Also check that railings on stairs inside and out are secure, and make repairs where needed.

Lighting is crucial. Put night lights in bathrooms, the guest bedroom, any hallways near the guest bedroom, and perhaps in the kitchen. Make sure there is a lamp or light switch within easy reach of the guest bed so that your visitor can keep a light on until safely tucked in. Well-lit outdoor walkways and entrances are also key for coming or going when it is dark.

Be sure the shower your guest will use has a non-slip floor. To enhance the traction, apply non-slip strips or a suction-attached non-slip mat, both readily available at home improvement stores.

Secure or, preferably, remove any throw rugs, including bathroom mats. Edges of rugs can be a tripping hazard, and even a slight scoot can affect a person’s balance. If there are rugs you want to secure rather than remove, non-slip pads can help, but safer still would be to apply double-sided carpet tape or even caulk to attach the rug to the floor. If you choose one of these methods, be mindful that you don't mar the floor underneath.

Identify seating in your gathering rooms that is appropriately firm, high in the seat, and preferably that has arms to help a person easily sit down and get up. A chair that is too soft or too low to the ground can strand a person awkwardly. If in doubt about the available seating in the room, bring a dining chair with arms into the room as an alternative